Calling All Artists

CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Why is mBaSo the BEST place for you and your music?
Why will mBaSo empower you on your road to success, to build your own music empire?

There are so many social networking platforms and fan funded models. Why is mBaSo better?

These days many of us spend far too much time juggling multiple sites, and fans spread out everywhere.
As Artists we can end up replying to endless comments by people or wanna-be bands that aren't truly fans of the music.  People who will never come see you perform, or buy one of your records.

However there are also our true fans, who can get lost in a sea of non-fans on those sites, so as the Artist it is difficult to give them the attention they deserve.

On mBaSo, all your fans are true fans.  They are your SuperFans!  They are the ones who will buy everything you release, plus your merchandise, and pay to see you live. They are the ones who will watch every video you post, read every blogpost you write, and support you during the ups and downs.

They are an Artist's most valuable asset.  They are the reason we make music to share.  
They are the ones who can help us Artists be more than just a guy/girl in our garage.

And on mBaSo, every moment you spend writing/responding to fans is valuable.
Every item you post will be eagerly received and enjoyed by fans who VALUE your music.

No more wasted time chasing/responding to uninterested non-fans.
No more true fans getting lost in a sea of "check out my…."

On mBaSo, Artists earn regular income from their SuperFans.
Unlike most income sources as an independent Artist, it's the regularity of the mBaSo revenue that can be invaluable to Artists and is unrivalled by any existing fan-funded models.
This income gives an alternative to Artists who still have a day-job.
Or it can go towards recording costs for the next album.
Or if you have enough mBaSo fans, it could do both!In return, the fans get regular new music to satiate their appetite for your precious creations.
They can also contribute to discussions on whatever you want, for example, getting their opinions on which mix of your latest track they prefer.

Then you can still release those recordings in the big-wide-world later, but your SuperFans received them first, when they were still new and fresh to you too, so they could share that early new-song-energy along with you, and you made them part of the process that you got you to the album release date.

The best part is, once a fan has subscribed, as long as you keep rewarding them with the high quality music they expect from you, and you make your mBaSo a cool place for them to hang out, they will carry on supporting you financially, so you can keep building and growing your music empire!

mBaSo empowers you...
so you can afford to spend more time doing what you love most
...writing and recording more music
…sharing your journey with fans who love your music.

Sign up for your own mBaSo Backstage Area for your music now!

"Empowering Artists, Inspiring Fans"