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Get showcased to top music industry executives from around the world!

Competition imageWhilst our MIDEM competition is now closed, there are more exposure opportunities coming up for mBaSo Artists, so register now to be part of Beta to enter for those opportunities!

mBaSo has chosen a Band/Act to showcase to a room full of the music industry's top professionals from around the world, as part of our presentation at Midemlab, the prestigious event at MIDEM. 

We are also taking applications to find the hottest new Music Artist for 2013, who will be the Beta Ambassador of mBaSo's revolutionary music platform forging a new affordable music future for Artists!

To apply for this awesome opportunity register as an Artist and we will contact you with further details.

Please share this with any Music Artists you know who would benefit from this exposure!

Any enquiries email:

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With mBaSo, Artists make regular money by recording new music more often, whilst nurturing a growing loyal fanbase.
Watch our video to see how mBaSo works.

Midemlab is the prestigious international startup competition for music related emerging innovators.  Previous winners have included SoundCloud and Songkick.

mBaSo are the only UK finalist for Midemlab 2013!

MIDEM is the Music Industry's leading music & tech conference in Europe.